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Odelux About Us

Odelux is a reliable supplier and partner, as offering comprehensive services and optimized solutions are fundamental components of Odelux's mission. Presented solutions at Odelux are always innovative, flexible and competitive, as Odelux focuses on customer's requirements and excellent quality of products.

Odelux produces completed (ready-to-go) Lighting luminaires as well as manufactures aluminum injection housing and moulds for lighting fixtures used in outdoor / indoor applications.

Odelux products are fully quality oriented, our service fully focuses on providing our customers the most convenient and developed products in every ways. Odelux provides customizable solutions to its clients by utilizing not only LED but also different lighting technologies. We offer both OEM and ODM services.

Odelux ordinary AC LED, street and flood/canopy light products, covers all range of product power that meet our customers need and demands, besides, Odelux is offering intelligent and smart led light products and solutions through innovative technology such as AC Driver On Board (DOB) LED Light products and Integrated All in one Solar LED light products.

Odelux also offers intelligent and smart lighting control solutions to maximize power savings of lighting system and comply with green building plans.

We believe that performing excellent service requires full-time innovation and hard work at the same time as well as being flexible when facing new obstacles.

Odelux distincts with respect to;

  • Customer-oriented approach
  • Wide and ever-developing product range
  • Following the trends for popular designs and all the technological developments.
  • Strict but innovative quality assurance and control policies
  • Global network in sourcing and distribution
  • Strategical alliances
  • Geographical advantage
  • Well-established and innovative corporate culture
  • Talented and experienced team members
Odelux About Us

Having positive feedback from our customers regarding our products and services we provide, are the most important motivator in our business environment.

Our clients can enjoy the comfort of cooperating with Odelux since Odelux is able to respond any requests, which may occur during the planning stage of any concerning projects.

Odelux only uses the top quality components within its lighting luminaires.

Odelux® products meet strictest quality criteria, as manufacturing process is under continuous control of Odelux’s Quality Team. All required quality tests are performed, all loading and shipment activities are supervised.

We are immensely aware of the added-values contributing to meet the requirements of a high-class service. In this respect, we passionately put great importance on the ethical values and some special practices of international business: honesty, reliability, quality, and timing.

In Odelux, we respect and value all kinds of different ideas and perspectives. Relationally, as a team, Odelux always thrives for the ‘better’ with an innovative and flexible perspective. In Odelux, innovation and diversification goes hand in hand with strict obedience to deadlines and high attention to details in all cycles of business life.

We invite you to feel the comfort of cooperating with Odelux while we supply the required materials under strict controls made by Odelux’s Quality Team and also under our own “Odelux” labelled brands.
Odelux Kalite Belgeleri
Odelux Kalite Belgeleri
Odelux Kalite Belgeleri
Odelux Kalite Belgeleri
Odelux Kalite Belgeleri
Odelux Kalite Belgeleri
Odelux Kalite Belgeleri