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Normally AC LED street light luminaires need to be driven by an acomplished switch mode power supply, however it became reality now to use driver on board instead of acomplished ordinary type, here in our product portfolio you will find AC LED street light luminaires with SMPS driver or with DOB driver.


Solar LED Street lights depend on solar energy, which is clean, endless and environment-friendly. Our solar LED light system is mainly composed of solar panel, free-maintenance battery, controller-driver device and light source luminaire. During daytime, when there is sunshine, the solar panel can convert the solar energy to electric power and store it in the battery. At night or rainy or cloudy conditions, the battery should supply power for normal lighting. The controller-driver automatically and smartly adjust charging/discharging the battery, switching on/off the light according to brightness of daylight as well as dimming the light according to motion detection or timing program, the whole processes are completely operating in automatically mode without human intervention.