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Solar Street Luminaire - SOLIS 100W

Product Code: SL1100

SOLIS 100W Solar LED Street Light
Solar PV Panel
Max Output Power 500 Watt
Life Expectancy (Cells Output) 25 Years
Rechargeable Battery
Type Gel Battery
Capacity 250 AH
Voltage 12 / 24 VDC
Life Expectancy 3 Years
Maximum Charge Current 15 Amp
Supported Voltages 12 / 24 VDC
LED Luminaire
Power Consumption 100 Watt
Lumen 13.000 lm
Life Time 50.000 Hours
Light Distribution Asymmetrical Type II
Charging Time
By Direct Sun Light 3 Hours
Discharging Time
Full Power 10 Hours
Saving Mode 30 Hours
Operating Temperature
Range (-35 - +60 )°C
Color Temperature
Range 3.000 - 6.500 K
Mounting Pole Height
Range 10 m
Space Between Poles
Range (30 - 35) m
Packing Information / One set
Solar Panel size, weight 2 X (1.580*808*35) mm, 15,5 Kg
Battery size, weight 2 X (522*240*224) mm, 60 Kg
LED Lumenaire size, weight (700*315*155) mm, 7,5 Kg
Controller size, weight (144*75*45) mm, 0,5 Kg
Accessories size, weight (L*W*H) mm, Kg
Total size, weight
Container/Truck 20GP
Number Of Sets Per Load 40GP

    System Descriptions:

  • Plug and play system
  • Designed to operate for about 10 hours with only 3 hours daily charging
  • Minimum 3 days can be operated in rainy, cloudy or dusty weather
  • If desired, on saving mode, system can operate 1 week without sunlight
  • Lighting level in saving mode is decreased to 25-30% of its full level
  • Programmable by computer, operating times can be changed or customized
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